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We love our pets. They provide us more than simple companionship. It’s about a mutual bond that nurtures the heart and soul of both people and pets. It is our goal to allow you more time to enjoy that bond.


Pet Waste Removal

Life is full of to-do’s, let us pick up the doo-doo! Through effective pet waste removal, we strive to reduce the unpleasant aspects of pet ownership. This gives you more freedom and time to play in the backyard with children and family pets, as discretionary time is invaluable.  We provide a yard clean-up service on a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly basis.  We take the waste off-site so you don’t ever have to worry about collecting and disposing of it again!  This service runs all throughout the spring, summer, & fall seasons.  Once the snow dissipates, we come back for a full spring clean-up!

Pet Sitting & Dog Walking

This is a turn-key solution for you and your pets while you are away! We’re all familiar with the long checklist of responsibilities that come with leaving home for a few days, especially when we have to accommodate our pets!  With In-home pet sitting, there’s no more loading your dog or cat up, driving out of your way to the boarding kennel, picking them back up and walking away with the internal worry about how your little one will deal with being out of their home environment.  We provide the individualized care and attention your pet needs in their most natural, safe environment.

We Believe…

Integrity is at the core of who we are.
Quality and consistency inspire trust and loyalty.
Honesty and respect create harmonious working relationships.
Aligning our values with our service gives us great purpose.
Having a strong sense of purpose allows us to serve you better.

Purity Pet Services Cute Animals

In-Home Pet Sitting- Why?

  • Our pets feel safe, secure and happiest at home.
  • When their familiar, home-based routine is disrupted, they can feel stressed and unhappy.
  • Pet sitting offers more comfort and individualized attention.
  • Convenience and peace of mind for you.

We Love our Pets

Pet Waste Removal- Why?

  • According to the EPA, dog waste is classified as a dangerous pollutant.
  • 1 gram of dog poop contains 23 million fecal bacteria.
  • Pathogens in dog poop, along with nitrogen and phosphorus, can degrade your lawn and seep into groundwater.
  • This causes pollution to the natural water systems we utilize for fresh drinking water.
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